Friday, November 17, 2006

DFSBP nod # 5

that would be to this blog right here. it's called Destination Out and they post amazing out-leaning (and usually non-CD-findable) jazz mp3s with alarming regularity. there's a weird sort of humor to the presentation that flies right over my bald spot, but that's really neither here nor there. right now, they've got some nice Steve Lacy and Mal Waldron up there near the top. i never have time to check out all the stuff they post, but i'm just psyched that such a trove exists and that people still care about this music.

maybe the coolest thing though is the discussions sparked by what's posted. i think people who get into obscure jazz--especially stuff from the "dark ages," the '70s and '80s, when there was so much great stuff happening that never gets talked about--are kind of starved for conversation about it and these nerdy websites are the perfect hubs. anyway, go listen to some of that stuff. link will be enshrined to the right there.


also, go view the blog of this composer named Darcy James Argue. he wrote a really nice account of a recent Julius Hemphill tribute concert that i previewed for Time Out but couldn't attend b/c i was at the office late. (that's kind of one of the ridiculous ironies of my job.) anyway, he makes me really jealous when he describes Pheeroan AkLaff tearing into the badass 11-beat lick from "Dogon A.D." clearly one of the best uses of odd-time vamping ever, and i can imagine it was pure sickness live. hail Phil Wilson, who laid that shit down hard on the original. dude smokes always! ok, anyway... thx, Darcy, for the account.


also, look at this fucking thing. it is a cartoon lizard talking in a kind of "Jerky Boys" voice and sort of dissing random objects that appear on the screen. Dan Deacon, the dance-pop maniac from Baltimore, had a hand in it--i believe he did the narration. anyway, describing this is pointless. all i can say is that Tony and i rewound the damn thing like 45 times the other day. look out for the sudden intrusions of nonsense syllables. "What does this guy think he's an Indian? What is he, a goddamn asshole?" damn, son.

note, if you will, how the lizard's arms are crossed. yes, i said it's a cartoon lizard with its arms crossed.

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Anonymous said...

it's my understanding that the 'narration' is from a more or less random recording of Dan riffing away while flipping thru late-nite TV, to which Lynch added animations. I'm sure there are probably some lit-hum/music-hum level masterpieces of western civ that represent as much embodied pure fucking genius as this video, but I can't actually think of any off the top of my head