Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yukon always get what you want

just got back from a so-much-fun weekend of shows, including the insane 10-band marathon in Philly yesterday that i mentioned previously. so many people to thank for all this, including all the bands listed in the last post, plus Jesse Moynihan for the use of his wondrous Avant Gentlemen's Lodge space, plus Brooklyn's Animal for hanging with us on Friday, plus the Octagon and Shaka Zulu Overdrive for the fun on Thursday night. all this blabbing is obviously more related to my band than to my blog, but that's kind of the mode i'm in right this minute.

all the bands we saw and hung out with were amazing, but one stands out for me. to commemorate the weekend, i give you a track by the mighty Yukon, who we were fortunate enough to have played with at both shows; they are Baltimore's finest and really one of my very favorite active rock bands. they play intricate and propulsive math rock that falls somewhere between the Don Cab and Dischord schools; at times the sound is almost retro, since that stuff was so rampant in the '90s, but Yukon pulls it off with unbelievable chops and energy. the songwriting is phenomenal and every member plays a vital role. there is no b.s. whatsoever in this music. the drummer, Nick Podgurski, is a total monster; dig how tight and oddly constructed his beats are. he sounds like no one else i've ever heard. and the guitars are completely gnarly, always swarming around each other in these weird interlocking patterns. just total pro music all around. here's a track from their first full-length, Mortar, which you can get from Terra Firma Records. if you like heavy and complex rock, this is a happy day for you.

Yukon - Formation Prevention

and check their MySpace page for some wonderful live videos.

ok, enjoy. happy times all around.

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