Saturday, January 27, 2007

Someone had thundered

excerpt from an interview with Rich Shapero. if you haven't been indoctrinated, plz see previous post.

J: Where did you grow up?

RS: The City of the Angels.

J: Among angels?

RS: No, among zombies. I had to go north to find my angels.

J: Are you referring to your artistic muses?

RS: No, I was thinking of the women who introduced me to the idea that life is worthwhile. When I showed up for my high school reunion, they had me on the "In Memoriam" list. No one thought I had survived into adulthood.

J: Were you a punk?

RS: I wish. Punks are cool. They have identities and loyalties.

J: You have a more positive outlook now.

RS: Yes. Thunderously more.


today's Shapero link: his company, Crosspoint Venture Partners, "architects of tomorrow's winning technology segments."

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