Tuesday, March 04, 2008

DFSBP '08 Nods #s 1 and 2

it felt like the right time to resurrect the DFSBP Nod. here's to latent obsessions that never really go away...

1) Squash. have just rediscovered this glorious game and it feels like floss for the spirit.

2) "How the Gods Kill." whatever one thinks of so-called "gothic" music, this is as gorgeous a piece of aural moodmaking as you're likely to find. perhaps Danzig's finest hour? (by Danzig, i mean the band, not the man. if we were talking about the latter notion, we'd be here all night.) the camp occasionally overwhelmed the beauty with that band, but not here--this is real. and even though it's a ballad, you can still dig how much Chuck Biscuits straight-up RIPS on the drums. check out how swinging his beat is in the kicked-in "Would you let it go?" verse that starts around 3:35... (i can take or leave the video, but it's the handiest way to present the song to you.)

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