Thursday, April 10, 2008

A favor...

this won't be relevant to everyone reading, but i've got to get this message out somehow. i have a favor to ask: if you need to contact me about any journalism-related issue--i.e., you want to send me a CD or a listing for Time Out New York purposes--please, please, please do not contact me via any "personal" channels, i.e., my Gmail or Hotmail accounts or--worse still--my cell phone or the Myspace accounts for my bands. yes, my job entails listening to and writing about music, activities which overlap with my creative and recreational pursuits; but that's all the more reason to be vigilant about not having it take over these means of private, personal communication.

if you need to get in touch w/ me for anything related to writing, journalism, pitches, CD reviews, listings, etc., please contact me only at that includes in-person solicitation too (i.e., please don't do it). i'm happy to help whenever i can, but i'm far more sympathetic to those folks who show courtesy and contact me only where i work when they have a work-related question. again, and nowhere else please, when it's a journalism-related matter.

my apologies to those readers who have no idea what i'm talking about. more actual content soon!


Anonymous said...

where do you like getting spam the most?

johnnn said...

so can I still send extremely personal e-mails to your work address?