Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day "two": Becker/Few

A happy day, bringing with it the publication of two recent projects--one apiece for "Outs" Time and Destination--that I'm thrilled about:

[Note re: the following link---Time Out's website is acting up today, so you may get an error message or an excruciatingly slow loading time. If that happens, please check back later today or tomorrow; everything should be all set by then.]

--> A (very, very) extended interview with Walter Becker of Steely Dan--on the occasion of both his awesome new solo disc, Circus Money, and this summer's extensive Dan tour--via Time Out New York, which deserves special props for agreeing to print such a lengthy conversation, pretty much in its entirety. Yes, we talked about "Yacht Rock" (!), and I received some really valuable insight into Becker's feelings on the brilliant dissonance between the Dan's smooth sound and cutting lyrical content. Had the pleasure of speaking with Donald Fagen a few years back, but he was nowhere near as candid.

-->An hour-long, annotated MP3 mixtape, via the awesome folks over at Destination Out, surveying the career of expatriate piano veteran Bobby Few, one of my all time favorite jazz musicians.

I hope you dig!

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