Friday, December 19, 2008

The ten

I'm officially top-tenned out. Insane amounts of listmaking and inventory-ing. Wanted to get all these links up here in one place, though. Here are:

1) My top ten albums of '08, as published in this week's Time Out New York. (My colleagues' lists may be found at that link as well, along w/ a bunch of sound clips.)

2) Ten runner-up albums--all of which at one time or another were very much in the running for the main list--as published on the Time Out NY blog.

3) Time Out's best live shows of '08 list, which includes two picks from me.

4) My jazz-only top ten of '08, via the Jazz Journalists Association site.

I've also got a few thoughts (though not as many as I sent them) in The Wire's '08 recap, out now. This is the part that they cut, which--to me--was important to get out there: " Lastly and not at all leastly, I found continued bliss drumming, composing and improvising with the bands STATS, Blouse and Aa. Warmest welcomes to President Obama!"

And I contributed to the jazz poll over at the Voice, and to Perfect Sound Forever's '08 wrap-up; both of those should be available soon.


Lastly, if anyone reading came out to see STATS last night, thanks very, very much. I had a blast.

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