Thursday, May 21, 2009

Billy bang

Bonnie "Prince" Billy slayed at Santos tonight (technically last night, but I'm still up). Visit The Volume for a review, with pics by myself (as above) and Laal.

For my fellow Oldham nerds, here's my best stab at a set list:

"I Am Goodbye"

"Lessons from What's Poor"

"Gulf Shores"

"Lay and Love"

"My Life's Work"

"Easy Does It"

"64" [from Get on Jolly]

"The Brute Choir"

"I Don't Belong to Anyone"

"Cursed Sleep"

"All Around"

"Where Is the Puzzle?" [I think]

"Death Final"

"Beware Your Only Friend"

"[???]" [lyrics about following a "shrouded figure"; anyone?]

"[???]" [think I caught the lyric "The purpose of this life is to live"]

"What Are You?"

"[???]" [hard-rockin' song; didn't catch any lyrics]

"I Called You Back"


"Ease Down the Road"

"Careless Love"

"Even If Love"

"Hard Life"

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