Friday, September 11, 2009

Get well, Phil Collins

Wish I had some profound reflections to offer on this rainy 9/11. But the best I can muster is a get-well-soon message for Phil Collins, who recently revealed that severe neck problems have rendered him unable to play drums (or piano, for that matter). I haven't kept up much with recent Genesis happenings, but as anyone who's heard, say, The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway can tell you, this man is a brilliant percussionist with a remarkably subtle sense of prog/fusion groove. And, of course, on "In the Air Tonight," he also dropped one of the most classic Monster Fills in all of rock-drumming lore. Check out this live version, and buckle up right around 3:40:


P.S. I absolutely loved District 9 - a great combo of gutwrenching and near-sappy.

P.P.S. I wrote a preview of pianist Connie Crothers's upcoming Stone run. If you haven't checked out Crothers, get with the program: She's amazing.

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