Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Cleve Pozar: Live and on camera

Longtime DFSBP readers will recall my perpetual fascination with the life and work of percussionist Cleve Pozar. On that front, a pair of brief bulletins:

1) This weekend, Cleve will fill his car with equipment and drive from North Carolina (his current home) to Brooklyn for a performance at The Firehouse Space, taking place on Sunday, March 11. The concert will feature works from Cleve's stunning early-’70's solo LP, Cleve Solo Percussion, and it marks the first time in roughly three decades that Cleve has performed this material. Two good friends of mine, Russell Baker and Will Glass (a student of Cleve's), open as the Ball Governor. More info, via Time Out New York.

2) Go here to view a trailer for "I Did the Number," an in-progress film about Cleve that I've been working on since 2008, with help from my wife, Laal Shams. I want to extend a huge thank-you to Dan Scofield—a great musician, filmmaker, multimedia artist and friend—for his editing expertise.

P.S. For a primer on Cleve, here's a profile/interview I put together in 2008 for Perfect Sound Forever.

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