Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goodbye, Levon

Heard the news while on vacation and without blog access, so I couldn't respond in timely fashion. I'll simply say that he was one of the greatest drummers who ever lived, and that's not even the half of it.

Listen closely at 2:09 in the track above to hear my single favorite Levon moment, a hilariously elongated downbeat coming out of the chorus into the verse. All the audaciousness of his playing—the bounce, the scruff, the mischief—is contained therein.

*The Bob Dylan tribute is brief yet essential.

*I'm enjoying the comprehensive Pitchfork round-up, which smartly expands its scope beyond the Band. (I'd also add Neil Young's "Revolution Blues" to this list of essential Helm odds and ends.)

*Levon's autobiography is excellent.

 *Here's an account of a 2007 visit that Laal and I paid to one of Helm's Midnight Rambles in Woodstock

*Here's my review of Helm's excellent ’07 release, Dirt Farmer.

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