Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Re: How to Dress Well

This past June, I saw two shows by the musical entity known as How to Dress Well and spent some good time with HTDW mastermind Tom Krell in Brooklyn. The result is this FADER feature, one of the longer stories I've published in a good while. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Year-end-listmaking season is coming up fast, but I don't yet feel ready to offer any preliminary word re: my personal 2012 frontrunners. That said, I do think Total Loss, the new How to Dress Well full-length, is very, very good. I'd specifically recommend the tracks "How Many," "Cold Nites" and "Set It Right," in that order, but listen as you will (Spotify stream below). Krell is working in an idiom that seems to be growing more codified with each passing month—i.e., pop (in this case R&B) viewed through an experimental lens—but for me, he stands out, largely because his hooks are so choice. His voice too is divine; NYC-ers, I'd highly recommend seeing him live at Santos Party House on October 8th.

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