Friday, May 03, 2019

'Trips,' then and now

Until a couple months ago, I had no idea Trips existed. I am grateful to Mr. Jeff Golick, formerly of the exemplary jazz blog Destination Out, and now an editor at Dover, for cluing me in to a new edition of the book, Ellen Sander's 1973 chronicle of life at the epicenter(s) of the '60s rock explosion. Simply put, Ellen was everywhere during that time, from Greenwich Village and Laurel Canyon to Monterey Pop, Woodstock and Altamont, and her lucid, passionate, zealous-yet-clear-eyed prose preserves the spirit of the era better than pretty much anything else I've read.

I feel like I've been using this phrase a lot lately, but I mean it, so what the hell: It was an honor and a pleasure to speak with Ellen for Rolling Stone. Please pick up Trips — you will not be disappointed.

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