Monday, April 15, 2019

In the court of the Crimson king

Hard to really express what an honor and pleasure it was to travel to London to interview Robert Fripp. Also, here is a report from a daylong Fripp press event that took place the day before the sitdown.

I feel like I'm just now finally getting my head around the entirety of the King Crimson output to date. Just a stunning body of work. Aside from the obvious classics, if you have not spend good time with Three of a Perfect Pair (an album I'd overlooked before) or the recent live albums Live in Chicago or Meltdown: Live in Mexico, I'd highly recommend doing so.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Heavy Metal Bebop Podcast #3: Kenny Grohowski

The third installment of the HMB Podcast, featuring a long-form interview with drummer Kenny Grohowski — of Imperial Triumphant, John Zorn's Simulacrum and many other projects — is now live. You can listen/subscribe in iTunes or stream/download via the player below.

Photo: Petra Cvelbar

A sincere thanks to anyone who has checked out the podcast so far. I hope you're enjoying this new format for the HMB series as much as I am. And for those who might be wondering: Yes, non-drummers will be featured on future episodes! Please stay tuned.