Monday, June 27, 2022

HS @ RS, 2015 – 2022

My last day at Rolling Stone is this week.

After seven years, I’ve decided to leave and try something new. For now, I’ll be freelancing — please feel to reach out via my new work-centric gmail address (hshteamer [dot] writes [at] gmail [dot] com) re: any type of writing or editing work. 

As for my RS experience, a name-by-name thank-you list would be too long, so I’ll just say: It was an honor to work alongside so many talented, passionate, hard-working people. I learned so much.

Thanks to everyone who showed me the ropes, assisted me with my writing, trusted me with theirs, sent me music to check out, facilitated or granted interviews, read my work and/or helped to make this experience so fun and rewarding. 

To mark the occasion, I put together the following list of some of my own RS pieces that meant a lot to me.

-HS, 6/27/22


Slint // feature on Spiderland at 30 (March 2021)

Alice Coltrane // Journey in Satchidananda, 500 Greatest Albums podcast (November 2021)

John Zorn // feature on his "jazz-metal multiverse" (June 2020)

Neil Peart // remembrance (January 2020)

King Crimson // two-part feature on the history and influence of "21st Century Schizoid Man" (Oct 2019)


John Coltrane // feature on Interstellar Space at 50 (February 2017)

hate5six // feature on DIY videographer Sunny Singh (June 2022)

Anthony Braxton // interview on collaboration with Nels Cline, Greg Saunier, Taylor Ho Bynum (June 2019)

Cecil Taylor // remembrance (April 2018)

Bill Bruford // career-spanning interview (October 2019)


Black Sabbath // feature on their jazz roots and resonance (Feb 2020)

Robert Fripp // feature timed to King Crimson's 50th anniversary (April 2019)

Morbid Angel // reflections on Covenant at 30 (June 2018)

Suffocation // review of Frank Mullen's final NYC show (November 2018)

Herbie Hancock on Chick Corea (February 2021)


Descendents // feature timed to 9th & Walnut (May 2021)

Clutch // review of NYC show (October 2018)

Art Ensemble of Chicago // feature timed to We Are on the Edge (March 2019)

Sonny Sharrock // tribute timed to Summer of Soul (June 2021)

Meshuggah // feature timed to Immutable (March 2022)


Killing Joke // review of NYC show (September 2018)

Ringo Starr and Dave Grohl // moderated interview (October 2019)

Milford Graves // remembrance (February 2021)

Carcass // feature timed to Torn Arteries (August 2021)

Iron Maiden // review of NYC show (July 2019)


+ 100 Greatest Metal Albums [co-edited with Kory Grow]

Saturday, June 04, 2022


One of the masters. Listen to a three-hour interview and career overview I hosted on WKCR in 2000 here.

This one sends me every single time:

And here is Nate Chinen's comprehensive NPR obit.