Sunday, May 20, 2007

Formative Angel

easily the best YouTube tidbit i've seen recently...

a video of a Morbid Angel rehearsal from 1990! really strange setup--pretty much looks like they're inhabiting a storage facility or somesuch. guitarists are all outdoors and then they've got drummer Pete Sandoval indoors in the dark. pretty incredible.

check out at 3:30 or so when the song (it's "Immortal Rites," the classic lead track from "Altars of Madness") breaks down and David Vincent (bass) is like, "Pete, what are you doin, man?" apparently Sandoval speeds up when he's not supposed to. then Vincent says to Trey (Azagthoth, guitar), "If he wants to play fast, let's see how fast he can play." some diabolical interband politics right there, i tell you.

anyway, imagine it: Tampa, 1990. that right there is the fucking cradle of civilization for death metal!

(anyone heard any news on the new Morbid record? they're supposedly recording w/ Vincent for the first time since the mid-'90s, and i guess Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal is playing live w/ the band again? hope he shows up on the record. he wrote some of my favorite songs on Dominate. "Nothing But Fear," anyone?)

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