Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Longstreth: Mass Projection

this is my 101st post--um, yay!

thanks mucho to John for alerting me to the availability of newly minted Dirty Projectors tunes, recorded live for the Daytrotter Sessions thingie. caught this lineup in March and it splattered me into pixels (as reported here).

dig "New New Attitude" in particular. the drummer will have to pardon me--i've met him but cannot remember his name. nevertheless i've said before and will say again that having only seen him play twice, he is one of my favorite active drummers. total metal brutality and bombast aligned with ass-owning four-on-the-floor thump.

as for the overall sound, it's telling that these mp3s segued right into Don Caballero's American Don on my iTunes and it made perfect sense. guitars like sparkly stars + drums like sandbags heaved at your chest = the future.

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