Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Doing Splits: blog and Cali

hi, this is going to be the new blog from Hank separate from the Stay Fucked blog. feel like there's no need to subject my bandmates to my rambling crap anymore. below are the last few posts from the band blog to get the ball rolling: my observations on some amazing shows seen over the past few days, including the Melvins, Evan Parker and Cecil Taylor.


just saw Altman's "California Split," which i'd been looking forward to seeing for ages. Elliott Gould and George Segal star--basically a kind of formless essay on bachelorhood, gambling and other "mythical forms of loserdom" (that's taken from Walter Becker's description of "Deacon Blues" in the "Making of Aja" DVD--told you you had to see that!). Altman is one of my very favorite directors and though this isn't one of his best, there are some great off-the-cuff scenes, with Gould stealing the spotlight with his vapidly charming patter. check the scene where he schools some kid in one-on-one b-ball. (reminded me a lot of "White Men Can't Jump," truly one of my favorite films.) most interesting characters are these two hookers that Gould is shacked up with. they're incredibly opaque, eccentric, dissipated--real '70s ennui. the gambling scenes at the end are kind of freaky--the characters are basically sober, but they're so caught up in the hustle that they act all tweaked out. Segal has this massive downer crash after winning $80,000. classic '70s "now what?" ending. not a great movie, but a great period piece no doubt.


Tower stores are closing. tried to score "Complete Communion" by Don Cherry at their going outta biz sale, but no dice. very into the Cherry Blue Notes right now.

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