Monday, November 13, 2006

DFSBP nod # 3

this one was a long time coming. it is, simply, the Hungarian Pancake at Krowlewskie Jadlo ("King's Feast," a.k.a. the place with those rad suits of armor out front) in Greenpoint, on Manhattan Ave at Norman. basically what this is is a really huge potato latke (mmmmm...) folded over and stuffed with a hearty beef stew. uh, excuse me, but: fuck yeah. you also get a nice "salad" of pickled cabbage. this is a huge meal (you'll have enough left over for lunch) and cheap too: only $7.50. order the Ukranian Borscht, which is this awesome light pink color, and the Pancake and a nice ginger ale and you'll be in heaven. the beef in the stew is almost like brisket--kind of stringy and chewy, and the latke is like the best you've ever had. this is basically the official meal of Stay Fucked.

ps-above is a generalized pic of the Hungarian Pancake, not necessarily Krowlewskie's version.
pps-if you go to this place, make sure to check the awning of the deli called Lite Bites across Norman Ave. it contains the official motto of Stay Fucked, which is "We compete. We listen. We achieve." in other words, wtf x 1,000,000.

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