Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More on the Chip // Mr. Smith goes to the New York Quarterly Meeting House

there is a very good interview with Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt at Pitchfork today. it's actually too long, which is surprising, because i'm left wanting more by almost every interview i read. anyway, mabye i'm just feeling bad that i ripped into Pitchfork on here the other day, but i gotta say, they seem to elicit good stuff out of people.

and also a cool thing is how untimely this interview is. Chippendale's got a bunch of art stuff happening but there's no new Major Release or Tour. since my Time Out work is so very time-bound, i sort of crave an untimely outlet, and that's probably why you see so much writing about records that are 10 or 20 years old on here.

anyway, the real gem of the interview is when the P-Forker says something like, "I opened Artforum and there were all these ads for gallery shows by musicians... What do you think about that?" and Chippendale says, "You really shouldn't open Artforum. It's made to be on your table when you are photographed for things." snap!


happy to report that Steve Smith is posting his ass off after a brief quiet spell (well, only quiet on the blog since he was superbusy w/ TONY and NYT stuff). happy as well that he went to the Matt Welch solo show on Friday that i couldn't make it to b/c i was hella curious as to what it was going to sound like, especially since i had read the piece titles in advance and seen something called, "Gorgamor the Giant Gecko," on the program. anyway, anyone who reads Steve knows that if you can't make a show, he's the one you want there in your place because nothing slips by him. check out his typically thorough reading on the Welch. there's also a great account of the recent Microscopic Septet reunion. i've actually never checked them out but now i'm intrigued.


still can't fill that last Top 10 slot. hmmmmm... why can't i put "Allroy's Revenge" on?!?!?


as for the picture above, yeah, it's totally irrelevant to the post--but isn't it so cute?!?!

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