Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Grudge match // Snarlor

several tidbits as i head off to work...

1) a hot tip from Destination Out led me to a goddamn hysterical New Sounds edition with Cecil Taylor, featuring an interview (scroll down a tad) that's more like a sublimated fistfight. listen to how ruffled John Schaefer gets when Cecil won't abide by a strict Q&A format. now i respect the fact that Schaefer's got to keep things moving, but he does a pretty awful job of adapting to Cecil's oblique way of speaking. at one point he says something like, "Do your conversations always go like this? Starting at one place and ending up somewhere completely different?" he tries to play it off as a joke, but the dude is clearly majorly flustered.

Cecil meanwhile continues to sound more and more like some sort of baroness or something--decadent, almost woozily cultured, aristocratic. his demeanor almost has a little in common with perhaps my fave WNYC host, Jonathan Schwartz, the world-weary, terminally nostalgic host of the Saturday cabaret show.

anyway, this is a first-order culture clash happening.

oh, and also read my Time Out preview of the Taylor/Zorn show at Lincoln Center and Ben Ratliff's review. i'm a big fan of Ratliff, and this review is another gem. i've never met him, but sometimes i could swear we're tapping into some sort of hive mind. which i guess would be WKCR radio station, where we both worked.



2) an apropos-of-nothing (my current pet phrase, btw) snippet from a recent Stay Fucked practice. this is me on drums and Joe on guitar. i guess you could say it's a jam; i would prefer to call it a germ. anyway, i like the way it sounds.

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