Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Catch the vibes // Mercy shown


Walt Dickerson memorial broadcast continues today on WKCR, courtesy of my friend Russell Baker. Tune in from noon to 3pm EST here.


Another thought... I've bitched a fair amount about Pitchfork on this blog, specifically about how much it bums me out when they dabble in non-indie-rock genres they seem to know little about.

So you can imagine how wary I've been of the some-months-old metal column Show No Mercy by Brandon Stosuy. After having followed it for a while, though, I've got to say: It's an outstanding accomplishment. Four to five lengthy interviews per installment, copious MP3s, just a very no-B.S. approach that demonstrates intense enthusiasm for extreme metal and a sincere devotion to its scholarship. After keeping up with this column I realize that although I've been an avowed metalhead since about age 12, I'm completely clueless when it comes to the really cutting-edge stuff, i.e., experimental black metal, etc. It's extremely rare that the column covers an artist I've heard of, let alone actually heard. Anyway, dig the latest edition. My favorite parts are the talk with Indianapolis doom outfit Gates of Slumber (on the finer points of fantasy author Robert E. Howard: "Also, the character of Kull is very different than Conan. He's a philosopher first, in his heart-- more a victim of circumstance."), and the interview w/ Arlington, VA, black-metallist Wrnlrd, who likens his genre to American roots music:

"I see ghosts of American music everywhere. I hear Dock Boggs in black metal, the droning banjo, voice like an earthquake. I hear Blind Lemon pounding his feet on the floor, and I know he is my cousin."

Let me just say that if I got a response like that to an interview question, I would feel that I could just quit right then and there. Anyway, excellent work over there, let me tell you.

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