Monday, June 28, 2010

Let the record show

Good readers:

Given (1) that I am Facebookless and possess no real 'net platform aside from DFSBP and (2) that I've already informed family and many close friends of this news, I happily interrupt my typical blogging content to announce my engagement to Laal Fatima Shams-Molkara, my sweetheart of four years and omniplatform collaborator in countless life- and art-related endeavors. Details re: the when and the how of our marriage are yet a mystery to us and to the world, but for now, we simply deem one another, respectively, the One.


Clifford Allen said...

Congrats, Hank! Awesome news.

Hadis Ghoghaie said...

Beautiful :)!

abby russell said...

Good work on the painfully romantic blog announcement. You made my heart hurt. Oh, and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to the above. Congrats, you two!

awm said...


Congrats to a great couple of kids
Alan, Mary Anne, Elise, Jamie and Jackson

awm said...

Cheers to a kind and generous man!

Love you,

Uncle Alan, Aunt Mary Anne, Elise, Jamie, Jackson, Mac and Daisy

Anonymous said...

Hank, i have already forwarded my congrats to Laal. However, congrats to you as well. You have yourself a wonderful lady that we all love very much! Also love the picture, I believe that is at my wedding! Congrats again!

Diamondstein said...


(Totally late to the party bus on this one).