Tuesday, August 03, 2010

If I were you...

...and in NYC, I would check out the following:

1) William Brittelle at (Le) Poisson Rouge tonight (Tuesday, August 3). I reviewed Brittelle's new album in TONY, where I deemed it a 21st-century soft-rock opus. This record had my number in a major way, blatantly referencing Steely Dan, as well as all sorts of classic prog, fusion and AM Gold. (And check out that beautiful cover above.) Whether that's your vibe or not, this one is really worth a look. Check out some background on Brittelle via Steve Smith's Times feature.

2) Keelhaul and Unsane at Santos Party House on Thursday (August 5). I previewed this one in TONY. Need I blab more about my love for Keelhaul? Enter the temple of ACTION MUSIC.

3) Cynic at Bowery Ballroom on Friday (August 6). Zenned-out fusion-metal gods. They're playing their 1993 debut, Focus, in its entirety, but I'm more excited for tracks from the even-better 2008 comeback, Traced in Air. The mighty Dysrhythmia opens.

1 comment:

Alex said...

no mention for INTRONAUT? they're one of the best bands going at the moment!

i wish Cynic was an instrumental band, because the vocals prevent me from listening to any of their work. aneurysmically bad. which is unfortunate because we all know how good masvidal & co are otherwise.