Sunday, May 15, 2011

Heavy Metal Be-Bop #3: Trevor Dunn

The third installment of my Heavy Metal Be-Bop series, an interview with Trevor Dunn, is finally live at Invisible Oranges. This Q&A was a pleasure. Dunn is a really friendly guy, and he's also admirably casual about his mindblowingly eclectic résumé: Playing metal one night and jazz the next is not a gimmick for him; it's simply the professional path he follows as an open-minded freelance musician.

If you're in New York, go see this man live—he plays all the time. (Check his website for details.) Dunn was a revelation at a recent gig I caught by the Celestial Septet (Nels Cline Singers + ROVA Sax Quartet).


Gerardo said...

Great frickin' choice! The series is going great. Hats off, sir.

Gerardo said...

One thing I would have added to this interview, though: given that Trevor specifically mentioned "Carry Stress in the Jaw" (which had to be mentioned, really, among his compositions, given its thrash-bebop nucleus), I would love to know if the story that has been circulated since 1999, regarding the second half of the piece (the "Secret Song" that occupies the last 4 minutes of the track, or the "surf" part, with Patton doing the grandpa Simpson voice), was true. Could you maybe consider this as a follow-up question to him? Thanks.