Sunday, May 03, 2020

DFSBP lives

Hello, you may have noticed that DFSBP* is somewhat (OK, far...) less active than it's been in the past. This is mainly due to the fact that much of my writing now takes place via Rolling Stone. I still post here occasionally, though, so I hope you will check back as you're able and take some time to browse the archives.

Speaking of which, here are some past posts that I like:

-Interviews: Astral Weeks producer Lewis Merenstein, vibraphone magician Walt Dickerson.

-Spontaneous subgenre surveys: “math rock”, major-label post-hardcore of the 1990s.

-Remembrances: Cecil Taylor, Cleve Pozar, Charlie Haden.

-Impressions of live shows: Brötzmann/Leigh, Taylor/Oxley.

-Impromptu deep dives into this or that body of work or musical avenue: the compositions of Cecil Taylor (noticing a theme?); Paul Motian; Tim Berne’s early Snakoil records; death-metal conservatism.

-Reflections on the act of writing-about-music and why I’m uneasy with the idea of “criticism”: Kamasi Washington, Frank Ocean

And you'll find year-end top 10 lists dating back to 2005 here.

If you ever come across a dead link here or have questions or comments about a given post, don't hesitate to drop me a line. Thanks as always for reading. -HS

*If you’re curious where the name came from, have a look at this post.

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