Thursday, May 31, 2007

Words' worth?

have recently put in a few of the busy work weeks, but at least there's something to show for it. i'm sure you've read everyone and their mother hyping Battles but they're worth it and here is how i expressed that in Time Out, with help from the band.

i love Pissed Jeans. they fucking kick ass, as i expressed a smidge more eloquently here.

and also i am proud to be contributing to the new entertainment wing of the Huffington Post blog. please mosey on over there and check out my inaugural entry, which chronicles the joys and frustrations of attending Lightning Bolt shows over the years. i'm worried that i came off all crotchety on this one, but it's meant as a personal reflection, not a diatribe.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, as always.

Not sure I love the new Battles album as much as everyone else seems to, but they are still of one of my favourite live bands. I'm pleased to read that Anthony Braxton agrees, although he may be a little biased. I'd have loved to have seen him down the front nodding his head with the kids. (Speaking of Braxton Sr, I'm going to see him and Cecil Taylor play next month, and am pretty excited about it.)

I've only seen Lightning Bolt supporting others (well, I say supporting, obviously they went on last), which creates a problem - you can either watch the headliner, and see nothing of Lightning Bolt, or stake out your place for Lightning Bolt, and see nothing of the headliner. I chose the latter option once, which meant missing Sonic Youth, and although it was an undeniably thrilling experience, like you, I'm not sure I want to ever put myself through it again...

Anonymous said...

congrats on the blogging upgrade. the contextual ad alongside your new bio reads:

Are You?

hope you are getting a cut of that revenue.

johnnn said...

nice gig dude, yeah, I got the

you gay?'

ad too

I think they just put the entire Power of Salad DVD on youtube, you should link to that shit! internet!

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog while reading something about the band Yukon. Thanks for the excellent article on Lightning Bolt...I plan on seeing them at Whartscape in Baltimore (July 20, I think) and it really helps in knowing how their show are.