Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dixonia: Live

capped my weekend w/ a physically exhausting/intellectually invigorating road trip to Bennington, Vermont in the company of Laal. it was a scenic drive but that wasn't the point; i was there to interview the great trumpeter Bill Dixon, so most of the car ride up i was cramming my head full of facts from Ben Young's superlative Dixonia tome. still working out the details of when and where this conversation will be published, but suffice it to say that there's some fascinating material in the tapes that i can't wait to share. topics covered include Dixon's upcoming world-premiere orchestra piece at the Vision Festival on 6/20.

in addition to the man's invaluable thoughts, i came away with Odyssey, an incredible 6-CD box set of Dixon's solo trumpet works. have only dug into discs one and two, but i'm just floored. this stuff ranges from the piercing and scary to the searching and muted. here's a taste:

Tracings II

what insanely tactile music this is. what an organic use of effects. there's worlds more where this came from.

(thx to L for the above snapshot, taken in a hurry as we were departing. maybe the blurriness simulates an analogous quality in the subject's playing?)

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Anonymous said...

Did you see the Dixon orchestra piece on the Vision Festival? Are you going to blog on it?