Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stripe tease, etc.

DFSBP is quite psyched on the new White Stripes record. some of the fuzziest, shreddingest, most laserlike guitar playing we can remember hearing in a long while. really natural, catchy songwriting. and i came to the realization that Jack White's voice is basically Robert Plant's but better. nice Conan clip here:

note the unreal short-circuited guitar tone when Meg drops out before the breakdown section. also note her staggering, awesomely syncopated re-entry and how they continue to mine that weird-ass accent. when i first heard it, it sounded like a mistake, but that there is a calculated lurch.


get psyched for Bill Dixon tonight:

--> my interview with the man in Time Out

--> Destination: Out's tribute

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