Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dick-ed over

here's a new thingie i did for the Huffington Post comparing the film of "A Scanner Darkly" to the novel. gotta admit, i feel a little silly applying my customarily arbitrary blogging strategies (i.e., writing about whatever, whenever, no matter how untimely) on a site where timeliness is so obviously privileged. to a lot of folks, blogging on last year's films or last decade's music would seem to defeat the purpose of the medium, but i disagree. hence, uh, this entire site.

in a related matter, do people feel like it's cheating to create a post here that's just essentially a link to something on the Huffington site? i guess had i not posted it there, i would've posted it here, so it's kind of equivalent.

anyway, i'm thinking hard about Fred Erskine, so stay tuned...

(ps: anyone remember a band i used to play in called Super Lucky Cat? we're reuniting for one show on Saturday, 8/11. it's at, uh, the Lucky Cat in Brooklyn. i promise that was not a calculated move. anyway, more info is on the Stay Fucked Myspace page. while you're there, please enjoy an excerpt of a new Stay Fucked tune.)


ALSO, you must check out the new Mick Barr track posted here. the one in question is the first piece, "Annothrith Hymn 1." it just *floats*: the slowest, most atmospheric, most gorgeous, and probably most actually-comparable-to-other-music-produced-by-humans thing i've heard from him yet. man, this is so spacey and pretty, adjectives i never thought i'd apply to Mick's music. can't wait to hear more in this vein.

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