Sunday, August 05, 2007

Minus men // "Breach" party

saw Negativland at the Highline Ballroom on Thursday. some of my thoughts are here and here. i highly recommend picking up their records "Free" and "Escape from Noise" if you ain't familiar. info on ordering is here. and an amazing conversation between the band and U2's the Edge is here. (fyi, U2's record company, Island, sued the shit out of Negativland a while back after the group sampled U2 w/out permission. crazy story...)


"Breach" -- it's pretty good! you know the one w/ Chris Cooper where he plays megaspy Robert Hanssen and Ryan Phillipe's the young FBI recruit trying to get the dirt? i love Chris Cooper, esp. in "Adaptation," and this is a great showcase for him. the movie would crumble without him, but he's an awesome center of gravity, really great at portraying this deeply conflicted dude. you feel sorry for him, afraid of him, disgusted and fascinated by him. the movie is no masterpiece, but Cooper gives a magnetic performance. also, i loved the coldness of the movie. it all takes place in the winter and you just feel that chill throughout, what with the overcoats and the breath mist and whatnot. an icy movie for sure.

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