Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cleve Pozar on WKCR, this Sunday

i've blabbed quite a bit on here about the brilliant drummer-percussionist-composer-inventor-raconteur Cleve (formerly Robert Frank) Pozar (go here to catch up via MP3s), and i'm proud to announce that this Sunday, 3/30, i'll be hosting a five-hour (!) radio profile of the man on WKCR, from 2-7 EST, hearable via the web here (you'll need Real Audio or iTunes or any other MP3 player, really) or at 89.9FM in NYC. i'll be interviewing Cleve (now 66) live on air and playing as much of his music as i can.

just to catch you up if you don't know what the hell i'm talking about, Pozar appeared on several important '60s free-jazz records, including Bill Dixon's Intents and Purposes and Bob James's Explosions; he's also worked with avant-oddballs such as Peter Ivers and Bobby Naughton, self-released a much-fussed-over (justifiably so) solo percussion LP in the '70s (pictured above), mastered Cuban batá drumming and devised various mind-boggling electronic percussion setups. he's a hell of a storyteller and a really fun guy to hang with. i look forward to giving him some long overdue exposure.

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Anonymous said...

listenin now live in nyc
great stuff
i kinda always passed that bob james esp stuff over
i mean bob
but man... pozar!
only sad thing is
where do u go from there
being so far out early u tend to go more trad later