Monday, March 31, 2008

More from Planet Cleve

hopefully, visitors to this site have not grown weary of Cleve Pozar news. yesterday's WKCR radio profile was a blast and i want to thank Ben Young and the other station folks for their support of the project, Laal Shams and Russell Baker for their technical expertise, and of course, Cleve himself for five hours of his time and all the wonderful music. (not to mention thanks to anyone who tuned in!) i hope to post excerpts of the show in MP3 soon.

in the meantime, my piece on Pozar has just been published at Perfect Sound Forever. read it here. (thanks much to Jason Gross for overseeing the article.) it represents my best efforts to distill a six-plus-hour interview into a digestible primer on the man and his music. am working hard on perfecting my Pozar discography; in the meantime, some fascinating MP3s of Pozar, Bob James and Ron Brooks performing with Eric Dolphy in March of '64 can be found here. the entries are chronological, so you need to scroll down to 3/64.

finally, some very exciting news: Cleve will be reuniting with his old pal Cooper-Moore (the two worked together in Boston in the late '60s and early '70s when C-M was known as Gene Ashton) for a no-cover gig at Zebulon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on April 13 at 7:30pm. also in the band are saxist Darius Jones (of the savage Little Women) and keyboardist Michael Hardin.


lastly, Stay Fucked is now called... STATS!

and do check out my new project Blouse!

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