Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CMJ +3

Looking for lively, polyphonic CMJ coverage? Follow Time Out NY Music on Twitter. A bunch of writers, including myself, will be out, about and Tweeting madly all week.


Also, three blogs I've been enjoying lately:

Anything-goes creator and connoisseur of challenging sounds Weasel Walter (late of the Flying Luttenbachers, currently free-jazz-focused) blogs eloquently, unpretentiously. This close reading of Beefheart's "Hair Pie: Bake 2" blew my mind.

That's How Kids Die
Neck in neck with Invisible Oranges (currently in the midst of an impressive reboot after the departure of site guru Cosmo Lee) for the title of my favorite metal blog. Josh Haun is a passionate, open-minded listener and a clear, forceful writer. His nascent "Top 100 Metal Albums"—unlike so many of its counterparts, a totally freeform affair—looks like an extra-meaty long-term blog-ject. Here's a great entry on Type O Negative's October Rust.

Burning Ambulance
Phil Freeman is all over his beat—jazz, metal, etc.—and I admire that. He writes for a bunch of other publications, but this site (and its accompanying print journal) is his baby, and he makes sure to keep it well fed. He's been especially strong lately on reissues, including those of Death's Human and Julius Hemphill's Dogon A.D. These are the kinds of pieces that will bring new listeners on board re: such classics.

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