Friday, October 28, 2011

Into the Void; Buildings on Fire

I'm happy to share my Pitchfork review of Dischord's new Void rarities compilation, Sessions 1981–83. If you're looking for a quick intro to these guys—at their best, possibly the most off-the-rails hardcore band of them all—try "Think", from the immortal Faith/Void. If you're already a fan, you will eat Sessions up.


I'm loving the new Will Hermes book, Love Goes to Buildings on Fire. It's a panorama of NYC music from 1973 through 1977, touching on rock, punk, jazz, salsa, classical, hip-hop, disco and more. In other words, you get to see how, e.g., Bruce Springsteen, Television, Rashied Ali, Eddie Palmieri, Steve Reich, Afrika Bambaataa and Tom Moulton (the latter's name is new to me, and the story of how he originated the modern dance mix is fascinating) played on the same field during the same era. I can't think of too many writers who could juggle all these narratives while keeping the blend brisk and reader-friendly. This book gets you visualizing history and thirsting for the records in question.

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V O I D. Yes!!